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What was the name of the ship that brought Dracula to England ?
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Which kind of flower has the most species ?
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    George Clooney was a door to door insurance salesman

    George Clooney is an actor, producer, screenwriter, and film director. He did odd jobs like selling mens suits and womens shoes, selling door-to-door insurance, stocking shelves, cutting tobacco, and construction work prior to acting. He has also been awarded the Golden Globe Award thrice and Academy Awards twice. Clooney is renowned for being politically active and has worked as UN Messenger of Peace from January, 2008. He was voted as in Times yearly TIME 100 as being amongst the Highly Influential Persons in the World. Clooneys humanitarian aspect includes gathering funds for 2010 Haiti earthquake victims, finding a solution to the Darfur conflict, 2004 Tsunami, 9/11 victims, etc.

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