Question :
What is measured by an interferometer ?
Answer :
Wavelength of light

Dead mans hand was Aces and Eights plus which other card ?
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    Get familiar with the outfield

    Past the dirt border that defines the infield is a large swath of green turf called the outfield. The foul lines continue on through the outfield, but otherwise, the space is open and undefined by structures or lines. There are a few defensive players in the outfield the left, center, and right fielders who try to catch and or return long distance hits. The outfield bulges out in the center, behind second base. The outer edge of the field is called the fence.Unlike the infield, theres no strict rule regarding the size of a baseball outfield. American professional baseball fields have home plate to center field fence distances ranging from 390 feet (118.9 m) to 435 feet (132.6 m).

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