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USA has most cars what country has second most ?
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According to Guinness book what's measured in Milli-Helens ?

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Stellar Photos Of Earth Taken From Space

Happy Earth Day

One of the magnificent planets revolving around the sun, Earth our very own abode. Celebrates the Earth Day, on account of which NASA released some of the most amazing stellar photos of earth that were taken from space. Right from US to Russia, our habitat looks just mesmerizing. One such image being the one which was taken during solar eclipse. The rim of light over the sphere appears like a rim of hope and a silver lining for sure. It also makes one wonder if angels really exist if so earth has its very own halo to boast of as being an angel of life.

  • Spelling
      [singular noun + 's] : my father[s]car
      [plural noun + '] : my parent[s] house
      [irregular plural + 's] : the children [s] room
    We sometimes just add an apostrophe (') to a singular noun ending in -s: Socrates' ideas. But's is more common: Charles's wife.
    We can add's to a whole phrase: the man next door's wife.
  • Pronunciation
      The ending 's is pronounced just like a plural ending . The apostrophe (') in a form like parents' does not change the pronunciation at all.
  • Possessives are not usually used together with other determiners.
    The car that is John's is John's car, not the John's car.
      Have you met Jack's new girl-friend?
      (NOT . . . the Jack's new girl-friend?)
      For the structure a friend of John's etc,
  • We can use the possessive without a following noun.
      'Whose is that?' Peter's '
      We often talk about shops and people's houses in this way.
      Alice is at the hairdresser's
      We had a nice time at John and Susan's last night.
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