Test # 85

One winter's day when the sun was shining you could hear the ________ of great activity.

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    Don Justos Self Built Cathedral Mejorada del Campo near Madrid Spain

    Justo Gallego Mart ?nez is building his very own Cathedral in Mejorada del Campo near Madrid, Spain This is no model cathedral and he is neither a qualified architect, nor engineer, nor bricklayer he is a farmer. The plans have only ever existed in my head and have evolved over time in response to opportunity and inspiration. Nor does he have formal planning permission from the authorities of Mejorada del Campo the town in which it is located (20 km from Madrid under the flight path to the Barajas airport). He has financed his work by rent from some inherited farmland some of which he has already sold. Donations from supporters and visitors are welcomed. The columns are moulded using old petrol drums, the window arches carry the marks of the tires they were moulded in and bicycle wheels have been used as pulleys.

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