Test # 80

A long, long time ago there were two frogs who thought it would be a good idea to ________ .

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    Have a traditional dinner on New Years Eve

    This is one of the most important parts of the holiday and the food eaten at this time of year has traditional meanings related to the Chinese New Year. Some Chinese choose not to eat meat on the first day of Chinese New Year because each new year carries the name of an animal. The remaining days carry no such restrictions. Traditional dishes include fish, jai, chicken, law pak ko, lin guo (sticky rice cake), noodles and desserts. Dumplings play a special role in New Year food because of their shape, a shape which resembles the ancient Chinese gold or silver ingots. Some of the food meanings include:Jiu, a traditional hard liquor, and daikon, the Chinese radish, carry the meaning of longevity.Red chilies mean good luck.Rice ensures harmony.

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