Test # 51

I'm sorry but I can't ________ your opinion on that.

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    Canvas Work Needlepoint on Needle and Thread

    Canvas work, known in the US as needlepoint, is worked on canvas, rather than fabric. Canvas work is done on two types of canvas, either mono canvas or Penelope canvas, and all types of threads can be used, including wool, silk, cotton, blends, and synthetic threads with interesting textures. As for stitches, there are myriad needlepoint stitches to choose from, though the most common stitch for filled and shaded pictures in needlepoint is tent stitch (a half cross stitch). Needlepoint is a counted technique when worked on a blank canvas from a gridded pattern. It can also be done on painted canvases, with the stitcher covering the painted areas with corresponding colors of thread. Canvas work makes excellent household upholstery (for footstool covers, chair seats, etc.) as well as decorative household items such as accent pillows. It can also be framed, used as book covers, made into purses and bags, formed into dimensional sculptors, made into doorstops practically anything can be done with it!

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