Test # 113

________ does that car belong to?

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    In the last few years, the country of Egypt has kind of fallen apart in the eyes of many in the West. But despite all of the changes in government and administration, the strongest military in the world has kept on going quite swimmingly. Many people cannot believe that Egypt is able to continue on as they did before, which means that it will probably surprise you that Egypt is currently offering military assistance, training though not global firepower, thank goodness to many other African and Arab countries nearby. This means that they are bringing moderation and calm to countries that simply do not have the most powerful army in the world at their beck and call to bring in peace. Whether they are working as police officers, training the army, or just providing a little extra support during times of civil disturbance, the Egyptian army is there, doing its thing. They are more than forty one million people in the armed forces, so even spreading themselves out, there is quite a lot of them. Because of Egypt s geographical location, it is able to take part in both Arabic affairs and African, which the United Nations has used time and time again. For Egypt, the cost of being one of the strongest armies in the world is a huge amount of responsibility for what goes on in their region. In many other countries, that huge amount of power all in the hands of the strongest military in the world would go to someone s head. But for Egypt, that doesn t happen. That is because the Egyptian Constitution states that the Armed Forces belong to the People.

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