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10946. Book
Book : adversary in the house
Author : lrving stone.

14546. Phobia
Phobia :
vitricophobia : fear of step-father.

3220. Fact
In 1982, Larry Walters tied 24 weather balloons to his lawn chair in Los Angeles and climbed to an altitude of 16,000 feet

12473. Food Facts
Orangutan lips used to be a delicacy in Vietnam.

9937. Fact
The desert tortoise can live without having to drink any water. It extracts the water it needs from the vegetation it eats

9411. Fact
There are an estimated 2,500 collisions between birds and planes each year in the US

6713. Fact
The mask used by Michael Myers in the original "Halloween" was actually a Captain Kirk mask painted white, due to low budget.

15123. Terminology
Terminology :
spectroscope : the study of matter and energy by the use of spectroscope.

15282. Unit
Unit : month(mo or mon)
Formula : year/12
in si : 2629743
si unit : sec
in cgs : 2629743
cgs unit : sec
Category : time_interval.

9972. Fact
In 1933, Mickey Mouse, an animated cartoon character, received 800,000 fan letters.

11522. Book
Book : indian mansions
Author : sarah tiloston.

4283. Fact
Texas is the only state that allows its residents to cast absentee ballots from space. This is because the Houston Space Center is home to most of the United States' astronauts;

5345. Animal Facts
Sharks have special organs in their snouts and elsewhere that let them detect the electric fields produced by living animals. They can then home in on the animals to eat them.

11099. Book
Book : breaking the silence
Author : anees jung.

9826. Fact
Americans eat approximately 20 pounds of pasta per person each year

4595. Fact
If all the insects in the world were put on a scale, they would out weigh all creatures

13795. Nobel Prize
Nobel Prize : Economics
Year : 1969
Name : ragnar frisch
Country : norway
Name : jan tinbergen
Country : netherlands.

570. Fact
Two million mites live in your bed.

3219. Fact
The Hundred Years War lasted for 116 years

13758. Nobel Prize
Nobel Prize : Literature
Year : 1973
Name : patrick white
Country : australia.

10835. Body Facts
For a work entitled Self, created in 1991, English sculptor Marc Quinn made a copy of his head, moulded from his own deep-frozen blood. Quinn collected almost 4 litres (8 pints) of his blood over five months, poured it into a mould of his head and froze it.

6585. Fact
Japan uses the most energy per year than any other country.

11901. Book
Book : ram charit manas
Author : tulsidas.

13056. Invention
Invention : computed tomography (ct scan, cat scan)
Year : 1972
Inventor : godfrey hounsfield, allan cormack
Country : uk, us.

10268. Fact
It takes about three hours for food to be broken down in the human stomach

11927. Book
Book : reminiscences
Author : thomas carlyle.

2342. Fact
The estimated number of M & M's sold each day in the United States is 200,000,000.

1425. Fact
Cats have over 100 vocal sounds, whereas dogs only have about 10.

9887. Fact
In ancient Egypt, doctors used jolts from the electric catfish to reduce the pain of arthritis

8184. Fact
In Kentucky you need a license to walk around nude on your property.

5212. Fact
An average person consumes the equivalent of 26 gallons of milk a year, including almost 28 pounds of cheese

6848. Fact
What we call the sky is merely the limit of our vision into the atmosphere. The sky, like the horizon, is always as far away as one can see.

1331. Fact
Armored knights raised their visors to identify themselves when they rode past their king. This custom has become the modern military salute.

11961. Book
Book : sands of time
Author : sidney sheldon.

10388. Fact
Nearly 50% of the world s scientists are assigned to military projects.

14666. Research center
Research center : central mechanical engineering research institute
Place : durgapur (west bengal).

6956. Fact
There are 2,598,960 five-card hands possible in a 52-card deck of cards.

13583. Nobel Prize
Nobel Prize : Physics
Year : 2000
Name : zhores i. alferov
Country : russia.
Name : herbert kroemer
Country : germany.
Name : jack s. kilby
Country : united states.

974. Fact
More than 250 people have fallen from the leaning tower of pisa since the year 1174.

8376. Fact
The largest baseball card collection, 200,000 cards, is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

4840. Fact
The first African-American to receive a Nobel Peace Prize was Ralph J. Bunche in 1950

803. Fact
Dumdum bullets are named after the city where the ammunition is manufactured, dumdum, india.

5361. Fact
Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears. never stop growing

9621. Fact
During the holiday season, approximately $220 million worth of Poinsettias are sold

5117. Fact
Gardening is said to be one of the best exercises for maintaining healthy bones

4597. Fact
Armadillos breed in July, but get pregnant in November after delaying implantation. This allows the young to be born during the spring when there is an abundance of food

10520. Fact
The most famous movie theatre is the Chinese Theatre located in Los Angeles, USA

11337. Book
Book : farewell to a ghost
Author : manoj das.

10371. Fact
The aorta, which is largest artery located in the body, is about the diameter of a garden hose

9467. Fact
Former U.S. president Ronald Reagan worked as a lifeguard in his youth at a beach near Dixon, Illinois and saved over 77 lives


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