Test # play/go/do

People ________ cricket.

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  • Rules to play Goal Ball


    To score, a player must roll or bounce the ball down the length of the court, past the opposing defenders, and into the opponents goal. Typically, the player with the ball will stand, orient him herself using the tactile lines, sounds from teammates, and or the crossbar of his her own goal. The player will then stride forward, lean low, and roll or sidearm the ball down the court.

    The ball must hit in the players own landing zone, and anywhere in the neutral zone. So long as it hits each zone, the style of throw is entirely up to the player in question. Many players will take several strides and release the ball as close to their own highball line as possible; leaning low to ensure a legal throw. Some players will throw after spinning; transferring the momentum of the spin into additional velocity. Others are able to throw the ball so that it will bounce just once in each of the required zones. Most elite players, men and women, are effective when using multiple types of throws.

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