Test # Preposition

He was very good ________ us when we were in trouble.

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    Onosmodium virginianum
    False gromwell.

    Key Uses:
  • Exhaustion, characterized by trembling, a sensation of heaviness, and lack of coordination, and possibly combined with diminished or absent sexual desire
  • Eye strain

    Origin : Found in eastern North America.

    Background : It is thought that this plant, like its close relative Lithospermum, may suppress ovulation in women and reduce blood sugar and thyroxine levels.

    Preparation : The whole, fresh plant is macerated in alcohol.

    Remedy Profile : This remedy is given primarily to women who are physically and mentally worn out. Confused, indecisive, and aimless, they may feel as if their emotions are working in slow motion. Their memory is often weak, and they are unable to finish sentences when speaking.
    Physically, Onosmodium is associated with exhaustion characterized by trembling, a sensation of heaviness, and lack of coordination. There may be diminished or absent sexual desire in both men and women. Onosmodium may also be given for eye strain, in cases where the eyes feel tense and strained on reading small print, and distances are misjudged due to slow eye accommodation or adjustment.

    Symptoms Better : For undressing; for sleep; for lying on the back; for eating; for cold drinks.

    Symptoms Worse : For warm, humid air; for straining the eyes; for sexual excess.

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