Test # Modals

Ask any questions now as you ________ not talk during the test.

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    Juan Diaz

    Lightweight 35 4 (17) Last Year s Ranking: 46 Status Report: Clearly, Diaz is trending downward. Just two years ago, he landed at 22 in this analysis. Two years later, he s lost twice to Juan Manuel Marquez (KO by 9 and L 12) and split a pair of fights with Paulie Malignaggi (W 12 and L 12). That s the bad news. The good is that the first fight with Marquez was The Fight of the Year, and Diaz didn t disgrace himself in the rematch. And it wasn t Lady Gaga he lost to, for chrissakes, it was Juan Manuel Marquez. So for now, Diaz stays. Future: Guys who fight like Diaz burn out young. He s only 27 years old, but it s a hard 27. And he has that whole law school thing going on. Don t be surprised if you don t see him in a ring again.

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