Indian National Movement

1. What was the immediate aim of Mahatma Gandhi in starting 'Dandi March' ?

2. What was the result of "Sapru-Jayakar Peace Parleys" ?

3. Breaking of salt laws was just a sample act of civil disobedience. What was its reaction ?

4. Why Indians had high hopes on the Labour Party of England ?

5. Which of the following was the cause of Civil Disobedience Movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi on March 12, 1930 ?

6. Which or the following factors was responsible for the start of Civil Disobedience Movement in the.cArly 1930's ?

7. Peasants of Bardoli started a 'Satyagraba' under the leadership of

8. What was the attitude of the younger Congressmen towards the manifesto issued, by Congress, after the 'Declaration of Lord Irwin' ?

9. On November 12, 1930 the First Round Table Conference was held in London. Which of the following proposals was mooted in this Conference ?

10. Gandhi enrolled women in the Civil Disobedience Movement.. Women 'Satyagrahis'

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