Indian National Movement

1. In the Section 84 of the Government of India Act, 1919, there was. a provision for the setting up of a Statutory Commission, at the expiry of ten years, after the passing of the Act. Thus, the: Statutory Commission was scheduled to be set up in 1929. But it was appointed in 1927. Which of the following was the possible cause of setting up the Commission two years earlier than the scheduled date ?

2. Why the charge of opportunism was levelled against the Swarajists ?

3. Which of the following was a serious consequence of the Moplah, Revolt ?

4. The non-cooperation movement was launched on the principle of

5. A Reforms Enquiry Committee chaired by Alexander Muddiman was set up, by the Government of India, to report on the working of

6. How the British Government rcacted to Moplah Revolt ?

7. Who was the leader of Swarajist Party in Central Legislative Assembly ?

8. Which of the following was the contribution of the Swarajists ?

9. Which of the following lawyers left the bar to participate in the non-cooperation movement ?

10. Why the Draft Constitution prepared by the Committee of nine is known as the Nehru Report ?

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