Indian National Movement

1. A Reforms Enquiry Committee chaired by Alexander Muddiman was set up, by the Government of India, to report on the working of

2. Which of the following was the provision of Nehru Report ?

3. Why the charge of opportunism was levelled against the Swarajists ?

4. Which of the following factors contributed to the decline in the influence of the Swarajists ?

5. The Nehru Report was framed on the pattern of

6. Which of the following was the most important gain of non-cooper-ation movement ?

7. How the British Government rcacted to Moplah Revolt ?

8. Which of the following statements, about the elections of 1923, is true ?

9. A programme of non-cooperation was outlined at the Calcutta Session of Congress. it was adopted at the Nagpur Session. in December, 1920. Which of the following was included in this programme ?

10. On February 8, 1924 a resolution moved by Pandit Nehru was unanimously passed by all the elected members. This resolution asked the Government to summon a Representative Round Table Conference. What was the purpose of summoning this Conference ?

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