General Knowledge - History of India

1. Allauddin Khalji did not levy

2. The father of Asoka was:

3. Why Indian kings were called the kings of wisdom?

4. The cultivation of crops brought about such great changes in man's life that it marks the beginning of a new age that it known as the

5. In ancient peninsular India, who among the following assumed the title 'Vatapikonda'?

6. The battle at Waihind in 1008-09 A.D was fought between

7. The first newspaper in India was

8. A great tank, now called the Great Bath, was found in

9. The British were able to conquer India in 18th century by

10. When the Mughal Empire was cpllapsing, which of the provinces was lost in 1622 A. D., recovered in 1638 A. D., and finally lost in 1649 A. D?

General Knowledge

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