History of India

1. Which of the following languages was the official language in Akbar's court ?

2. Man Singh, commander-in- chief of Akbar, defeated Rana Pratap in the battle of

3. In the First Sikh War, the battles were fought at

4. Which of the following statements, about Sher Shah Suri, is true ?

5. Which of the following statements, about Taj Mahal, is correct ?

6. What was the childhood name of Jahangir ?

7. Battle of Plassey was fought in the year 1757. Which of the following statements aptly sums up the importance of this battle ?

8. Which of the following battles destroyed all chances of French rulein India ?

9. The famous book Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri contains the

10. During Jahangir's reign, an English King sent his ambassador Sir Thomas Roe to the court of Agra. Name that king.

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