History of India - Test - 02

History of India

1. To which of the following tribes Mahavira belonged ?

2. Who was Hemchandra ?

3. Which of the following was the amusement of Indo-Aryans

4. Into which of the following groups Jainism split up after AD 82

5. Rishi Vyas wrote the

6. Where did Buddha preach his first sermon ?

7. Buddha attained Mahaparinirvana, in the year 483 B.C, at

8. Which of the following was included in the diet of the Early Aryans ?

9. Which of the following is the place of Jain pilgrimage in India

10. When did Buddha utter ihe words "I have nothing more to tell you than this that decay is inherent in all component things ; work outyour salvation with diligence"?

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