GK - Political Science - 01

General Knowledge - Political Science

1. Which of the following falls in the category of endangered species under the Red Data list of IUCN?

2. A socialist state lays emphasis on

3. Arrange the following in the same order as they figure in the Preamble to the Indian Constitution-
iv) Secular

4. "The social contract theory has been criticized as bad history ,bad logic and bad ethics.." who said it?

5. Non-conventional source of energy best suited for India is

6. 'West Minister Model' stands for a particular type of -

7. Which institution in a federal system is called 'Balancing Wheel of the Constitution'?

8. The thinkers of which country have common tendency to entrust sovereignty to an organ of the government.

9. Acupuncture is widely practised in

10. The advice tendered by Supreme Court to the President of India-

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I'll come back within an hour.

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