General Knowledge - Physics

1. The criminal Procedure Code(Amendment) Act 2008 came into effect in

2. Moisture can be removed from lubricating oil using -

3. An object is placed between the pole of concave mirror and the focus of the mirror, the image formed will be

4. Calorie value is the least of the following materials -

5. Which one of the following is not a radioactive element?

6. Which of the following is not a property of difference amplifier?

7. Which type of oscillator is most stable in simple circuit?

8. Superconductors are those materials

9. In a telescope of magnification power 10, the focal length of the objective lens is 60 cm, what will be the total length of eyepiece

10. Which of the following language was added to the Eighth schedule to the Constitution of India by 21st Constitutional Amendment Act 1967?

General Knowledge

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    Living Environment : In the wild, Bloodfin Tetras normally feed on tiny invertebrates found in surface waters. They will eat all flake and freeze-dried foods.

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