General Knowledge - Indian Constitution

1. What is quorum required for convening the Lok Sabha?

2. Who reconciled Rousseau's theory of General Will with Austin's theory of a determinate sovereign power?

3. Right to Information Act was passed in the year

4. A common High Court for two or more states and/or Union Territories may be established by the

5. Which of the following Articles of the Indian Constitution provides that 'It shall be the duty of the Union to protect every State against external aggression and internal disturbance'?

6. Which of the following is not a fundamental right of the Indian citizens?

7. Which one of the following Committees / Commissions was formed to study and suggest pricing pattern for oil and natural gas sectors in India?

8. What is quorum required for convening the Lok Sabha?

9. The Panchayati Raj is based on the principal of -

10. Which of the following Constitutional Amendments are related to raising the number of Members of Lok Sabha to be elected from the states?

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