General Knowledge - Biology

1. What controls the entry and exit of molecules in cell?

2. The primary energy for living organisms is

3. Most plant and animal cells are similar in some respects since they both have in common

4. The function of a cell wall is

5. The cells that make up neurilemma in nerve tissue are

6. The main function of plasma membrane is to

7. What controls the entry and exit of molecules in cell?

8. The first person to observe the bacteria, protozoa and spermatozoa under the microscope was

9. Plant cells can usually be distinguished because only plant cells possess

10. The wonder pigment chlorophyll is present in

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    This is another bridge that is rich in history. Built in the 15th century, it crosses over the Grand Canals of Venice. The bridge was technically built before that, in 1181 as a small barge that served as the only crossing to get to the other side of the Grand Canal. It was in 1551 when authorities asked for the bridge to be upgraded. Some of the best architects in history, including Michelangelo and Palladio, offered plans to redesign the bridge but the honor eventually went to Antonio da Ponte. Many architects were skeptical of his plans and predicted failure of the bridge but he has defied his critics even till this day. The classic venetian architecture adds to its appeal and until the nineteenth century, Rialto Bridge was still the only bridge to span the Grand Canal and the only link between the two sides of Venice until more modern day bridges were built.

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