GK - Biology - 04

General Knowledge - Biology

1. The use of which of the following devices has given the modern biologist a better insight into the internal structure of cells

2. Most plant and animal cells are similar in some respects since they both have in common

3. The main function of plasma membrane is to

4. In the plant cells golgi complex is scattered in the cytoplasm in the form of small vesicles called

5. Acrosome in a sperm is secreted by

6. An anaerobic species of the bacterium Clostridium causes a very serious disease in human populations. Which of the following diseases is it?

7. Endoplasmic reticulum is bound by

8. A prokaryote is

9. The cell theory of Schleiden states that

10. A particular cell organelle is sometimes referred to as the `suicide bag' because it contains certain enzymes (acid hydrolase) that can break down the cell components or even the whole cell. Which one of the following is such an organelle?

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