GK - Agriculture - 02

General Knowledge - History of India

1. Goal of extension education is-

2. Where and when was World Meteorological Organization established?

3. Which is not an inorganic matter in the following?

4. Which Sorghum variety is not multicut?

5. What is the suitable Rabi maize variety?

6. Which disease occurs, when more sorghum is consumed?

7. Which variety of Barley is huskless?

8. Which is not the symptom of Khaira disease?

9. What is the average annual production of European variety of honeybee colony?

10. At the vegetative growth stage, flowering is stopped in food-grain crops, known as -

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English Grammar
In for Within

Don't Say:
I'll come back in an hour - if you mean before the end of an hour.

I'll come back within an hour.

in means after the end of, within means before the end of.
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