General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Roger Federer won the Wimbledon–2007 singles title for the ...... time in a row.

2. The personality who probed the oil for food scam, died recently. Can you name this personality from the given options?

3. As per the United Nations, the year 2008 has been declared as the International Year of?

4. The Fuwa are the official mascot of..

5. Which of the following countries toped the medals tally in the Commonwealth Games 2006 held at bourne,Australia?

6. Which of the following countries hosted the Military World Games, held recently?

7. This city witnessed the 14th South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation(SAARC) summit in April 2007. Can you name it from the given options?

8. Laurie Baker passed away in 2007. He was a famous personality who belonged to the field of?

9. This personality is the chairman of the National Land Reforms Council. Can you name him from the given options?

10. Estee Lauder is a famous name that you would associate with..

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    Merging Galaxies Form Cosmic Exclamation Point

    VV 340, also known as Arp 302, provides a textbook example of colliding galaxies seen in the early stages of their interaction. The edge on galaxy nearthe top of the image is VV 340 North and the face on galaxy at the bottom of the image is VV 340 South. Millions of years later these two spirals will merge much like the Milky Way and Andromeda will likely do billions of years from now. Data from NASAs Chandra X ray Observatory (purple) are shown here along with optical data from the Hubble Space Telescope (red, green, blue). VV 340 is located about 450 million light years from Earth.

    Chourishi Systems