General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Who among the following erected Gangaikonda Cholapuram ?

2. In which of the following states in India , the first megawatt scale capacity grid-interactive Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant of the country has been setup ?

3. For which of the following energies production in India , there is an incentive scheme called Generation Based Incentives has been launched?

4. Which among the following post is NOT dependent on the pleasure of the president or governor?

5. Consider the following matches:
1. Ashtapradan : Maratha Empire
2. AshtaDiggaja : Vijaynagar Empire
3. Navaratna : Chandra Gupta I
4. Dahasala : Administration of Akbar
Which among the above are matched correctly?

6. A Rs. 50 note with a * (star) in the number panel between the prefix and the serial number indicates that _________?

7. From which of the following countries India is due to receive Nerpa submarine ?

8. Niamey is the capital of which of the following African Countries?

9. Which among the following was chosen as a unit of developing banking infrastructure in the Lead Bank Scheme?

10. Which of the following city was known as Avanti in ancient India?

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