General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2010

1. Which among the following does not come under the Priority Sector Lending (PSL) ?

2. Over the recent few years, the role of which of the following international organization has assumed a greater role even bigger to a crisis management body and sometimes even challenging the existence of the Bretton Woods brothers (World Bank and International Monetary Fund) ?

3. Which among the following has been maximum in in value for recent financial years?

4. Since 2000, what fraction FDI has been permitted in India in Education?

5. Which among the following is in concurrent list ?

6. Which among the following river is most described in Rig-Veda?

7. Which among the following does not come under the purview of information security in the banking system?

8. Apart from UN General Assembly, which among the following is not among five principal active organs of United Nations?

9. At Present, our country has about 32000 rural bank branches . The government, in order to facilitate inclusive growth throughout the country has in the Budget Speech 2010-2011 directed banks to extend the reach of financial services to 73000 villages of the country, which have a
population of ___________ as per 2001 Census by 2012. Which among the following is the correct numeral to fill in the blank?

10. With which of the following Residuary Powers vests in __?

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    I. Set the signal generator to a frequency of 1000 cycles per second. Connect the output from the gererator to the vertical input of the oscilloscope. Establish a steady trace of this input signal on the scope. Adjust play with all of the scope and signal generator controls until you become familiar with the functionof each. The purpose fo such playing is to allow the student to become so familiar with the oscilloscope that it becomes an aid tool in making measurements in other experiments and not as a formidable obstacle. Note If the vertical gain is set too low, it may not be possible to obtain a steady trace.

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