General Knowledge - Geography of India and World

1. Arakan Yoma is the extension of the Himalayas located in

2. Coal is found in

3. Synclines and anticlines are the terms associated with

4. Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary is located in

5. Which time of the day is generally the hottest all over India?

6. Which of the following crops requires water logging?

7. The strait of Malacca lies between:

8. In which layer of the atmosphere do most weather phenomena occur?

9. Which one of the following pairs of ocean currents meet each other near Newfound Land?

10. Artesian wells are found in

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    African Cucumber

    The African cucumber or horned melon, as it is also known is perhaps one of the world most beautiful fruits.It is bright orange on the outside with a green and yellow interior, which forms a geometric design with its seeds.Its flavor has been compared to cucumbers and zucchinis, which the fruit resembles, but also bananas and lemons.While native to Africa, horned melons are now grown in California, Chile, Australia, and New Zealand.

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