General Science

1. 'Colostrum' is the thick fluid secreted by mammary glands for first few days just after delivery. This should be fed to the youngone because it is a rich source of

2. Which is the rich'source of vitamin C ?

3. Human milk is a rich source of as compared to cow's milk.

4. Breakhown of food nutrients into their Simpler units for better absorption and utilization, is brought about by

5. Children need more protein of good quality as compared to adults because

6. Which of the following food items is absorbed in the stomach ?

7. Cooking helps making the food more

8. A diet which contains lots of fat stays for a ... time in the stomach.

9. A person is known to be malnourished if he tends to be.

10. Atheletes need more evergy as compared to their non-athelete connterparts because

General Knowledge

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    Vale Tudo

    The Brazilian predecessor to today s mixed martial arts, Brazil s Vale Tudo martial arts style is one of the most lethal and dangerous martial arts in the world. Translated as No Holds Barred or Anything Goes, most Vale Tudo matches today happen on the underground circuit due to their bloody nature. A full contact sport, Vale Tudo (just like Brazil) has been influenced by many different sources. Most Brazilian media channels won t televise this dangerous martial art due to its high levels of violence.

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