General Science

1. Food materials, if kept for longer, period tend to spoil because of growth of

2. To preserve more nutrients vegetables should be cooked

3. Atheletes need more evergy as compared to their non-athelete connterparts because

4. Breakhown of food nutrients into their Simpler units for better absorption and utilization, is brought about by

5. Excessive intake of carbohydrates and fat in the diet causes obesity which may lead to

6. Children need more protein of good quality as compared to adults because

7. Vegetables should be washed before cutting to minimise losses of

8. Main principle of food presevation is

9. Which of the following food items is absorbed in the stomach ?

10. 'Colostrum' is the thick fluid secreted by mammary glands for first few days just after delivery. This should be fed to the youngone because it is a rich source of

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    Kurinjal Peak

    Located about 20 km from Kudremukh in Karnataka is the Kurinjal Peak, which is almost the same height as the Kudrenukh Peak itself. A part of Kudremukh National Park, the trek to the top of the peak takes you through evergreen forests. The region is blessed with plenty of flora and fauna. You can spot several animals during the trek, which include herds of elephants, Indian Bison and more. When taking the Kurinjal Peak Trek, dont miss out on a visit to Hanman Gundi which is known for its stunning waterfalls. There is also Bhagavati Nature Camp, which is an ideal camping location.

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