General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2017

1. The 2017 Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Partnership Summit has started in which of the following states?

2. Japan will provide how much Official Development Assistance (ODA) loan for infrastructure projects in India for FY 17?

3. India and which country has in 2017 signed pact for socio-economic development of Rakhine State?

4. Tehmtan R. Andhyarujina, who passed away in 2017, was related to which field?

5. Which country to host meeting of WTO member countries in February on food security and other issues?

6. Which language has been declared as the second official language by the Telangana state government?

7. Which country to host 36th International Geological Congress (IGC 2020)?

8. Which of the following have won the 2017 The Hindu Playwright Award?

9. The 2017 National Sports Day (NSD) is celebrated on which day in India?

10. Who has become the first Indian driver to win the race in the GP3 Series?

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  • Queen Victoria


    Victoria (Alexandrina Victoria; 24 May 1819 22 January 1901) was the monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 20 June 1837 until her death. From 1 May 1876, she used the additional title of Empress of India.Victoria was the daughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn, the fourth son of King George III. Both the Duke of Kent and King George III died in 1820, and Victoria was raised under close supervision by her Germanborn mother Princess Victoria of SaxeCoburgSaalfeld. She inherited the throne at the age of 18, after her fathers three elder brothers had all died, leaving no legitimate, surviving children. The United Kingdom was already an established constitutional monarchy, in which the sovereign held relatively little direct political power. Privately, Victoria attempted to influence government policy and ministerial appointments. Publicly, she became a national icon, and was identified with strict standards of personal morality.

    Victoria married her first cousin, Prince Albert of SaxeCoburg and Gotha, in 1840. Their nine children married into royal and noble families across the continent, tying them together and earning her the nickname the grandmother of Europe. After Alberts death in 1861, Victoria plunged into deep mourning and avoided public appearances. As a result of her seclusion, republicanism temporarily gained strength, but in the latter half of her reign, her popularity recovered. Her Golden and Diamond Jubilees were times of public celebration.Her reign of 63 years and seven months, which is longer than that of any other British monarch and the longest of any female monarch in history, is known as the Victorian era. It was a period of industrial, cultural, political, scientific, and military change within the United Kingdom, and was marked by a great expansion of the British Empire. She was the last British monarch of the House of Hanover. Her son and successor, Edward VII, belonged to the House of SaxeCoburg and Gotha, the line of his father.

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