General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. Who among the following has won the 2015 Australia Grand Prix-Formula One World Championship?

2. Which one of the following has been used as antimicrobial compound in personal care products like soaps, lotions, deodorants and toothpastes?

3. The first-ever Budda Heritage walk was in 2015 held in ________?

4. Which of the following in 2015 became 123rd state party to the International Criminal Court?

5. The Kerala government inked pact with which conglomerate towards proposed Vizhinjam International Seaport project?

6. In 2015, the union government has said it has decided to accept the recommendations of the Bezbaruah Committee. Bezbaruah committee was set up to study the ________?

7. Who is the winner of the 2015 International Children's Peace Prize?

8. Which of the following air pollutant is not produced by coal thermal power plant?

9. Consider the following statements about New Pension Scheme (NPS):
1. Non-resident Indians (NRIs) are allowed to invest in NPS.
2. The minimum investment limit per year under NPS Tier-I account is Rs 6000/-.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

10. The 8th International Conference on 'Indian Civil Aviation & Tourism' was held in________?

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