General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. Which one of the following has been used as antimicrobial compound in personal care products like soaps, lotions, deodorants and toothpastes?

2. In which country Katas Raj temple is located?

3. Which among the following country has least contribution in the capital of the New Development Bank (NDB)?

4. Which of the following air pollutant is not produced by coal thermal power plant?

5. NASA's New Horizon probe has confirmed the presence of frozen methane on which of these bodies?

6. People belonging to the Sahariya tribe are predominantly found in ________?

7. Who among the following has won the 2015 Australia Grand Prix-Formula One World Championship?

8. Which country was the partner country in India's first Renewable Energy Global Investors Meet and Expo (RE-INVEST)?

9. Which Indian state is considered home to the Citrus Indica, the very first species of citrus fruits in the world?

10. Who among the following has been appointed as a member to the high-level panel on health by United Nations (UN)?

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