General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. In 2015, the Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) of the Directors General/Commissioners of Customs conducted in which state of India?

2. The winner's of FIFA Ballon d'Or award for 2014 in men and women category, respectively ________?

3. Bajrang Punia is related to which of the following sports?

4. Who has won the 2015 Reporters without Borders Prize?

5. According to the Unicef's Coverage Evaluation Survey (CES), approximately what fraction of total deliveries in India are institutional deliveries?

6. Which of the following banks has launched 'Pocket', India's first digital bank on mobile phones?

7. Which state of India is known for highest incidence of cancer?

8. Saloni Dalal, who became the youngest medallist at the 35th National Games in Kerala, is associated with which sports/events?

9. Under which project India is developing guided missile destroyers?

10. Which state has been awarded best e- Panchayat state in 2015 on national Panchayati Raj diwas?

General Knowledge

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