General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. As per IMF predictions, Indian economy is expected to grow at how much percentage in 2016-17?

2. The second edition of the All Light India International Film Festival (ALIIFF) will be held in which city?

3. Which is the first Indian state to launch auction of mines?

4. ISRO has successfully launched communication GSAT-6 satellite by using which rocket vehicle, in 2015?

5. The government of India's new initiative 'Kala Utsav' promotes the arts by ________?

6. Which statement is true about the Opah species, which is in news in 2015?

7. In 2015, which state has started scheme for adoption of wild animals in zoos and deer parks?

8. Who among the following has become the fastest to score 12,000 runs in Test matches?

9. Baglihar Hydro Electric Power Project is located in which Indian state?

10. Which body in 2015 launched the 'Group of Friends Against Terrorism'?

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