General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. The National Financial Switch, the largest shared automated teller machines in India, is run by ________?

2. The Yangko dance is a traditional folk dance of which one of the following countries?

3. Who is the author of the book 'Rebooting Government'?

4. The prestigious 'Vyas Samman award for the Year-2014' will be awarded to ________?

5. Which country has recorded the largest number of Tuberculosis cases in the World in 2014?

6. Which of the following organisations is the first from India to join the World Bank's Zero Routine Flaring by 2030 Initiative?

7. Which state government of India will set up bio-ethanol refinery in the state?

8. Who is the chairman of the Ad-hoc committee set up for managing boxing in India?

9. Pravin Gordhan, is related to which of the following fields?

10. In 2015, which of the following missions launched by the Odisha government to provide affordable houses to urban poor?

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