General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. Which is the venue for the Asian Banker Summit 2015?

2. The in 2015 celebrated Godavari Maha Pushkaram occurs in the cycle of ________?

3. Who of the following has been honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2015 Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF)?

4. Which Union ministry of India in 2015 launched India Aspiration Fund (IAF) and SMILE scheme to aid small enterprises?

5. Which country has highest median age in the world?

6. Heena Sidhu is related to which sports?

7. Which of the following trophies dropped by BCCI for 2015-16 season?

8. The Black Mambas are world's first all-female patrol formed to protect Rhino's in which country?

9. The global meet on 'countering violent extremism' was in 2015 concluded in which one of the following countries?

10. Which of the following two states of India have bus connectivity with Bangladesh currently (June 2015)?

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