General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. Which among the following company is acquiring the telecom business of Sistema Shyam Teleservices (SSTL)?

2. Who is the newly appointed chairman of the empowered committee of state finance ministers on GST ?

3. Which among the following companies has developed the mobile agro advisory system called 'mKrishi'?

4. Which North East state of India has been in 2015 declared as disturbed area by the union government?

5. 'On My Terms: From the Grassroots to the Corridors of Power,' is the autobiography of who of the following?

6. The Pampas are a grassland biome in ________?

7. In which state is located the Mandla Plant Fossils National Park?

8. Murugappa Gold cup is associated with which of the following sports?

9. The M S Sahoo committee, was set up to review ________?

10. On which date, the World Milk Day is observed?

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