General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. Which train has been rechristened as Yoga Express?

2. Which South African cricketer has been appointed as brand ambassador of MRF?

3. Which northeast state is famous for Black rice ; well known for its pleasant nutty flavour?

4. Torah is the holy book of which of the following religions / faiths?

5. To empower women, the 'Women-20 (W20)' group has been launched by G20 . Who is the newly appointed president of the W20 group?

6. Who is the new President of Tanzania?

7. Which country will host the FIFA Women's World Cup 2019?

8. Who has won the Player of the tournament award in the 2015 Cricket World Cup?

9. Which state has launched Aahar, a subsidised meal scheme meant for urban poor in the state?

10. Which among the following states has the largest deposit of ilmenite mineral in the country?

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  • Top High Speed Bullet Trains

    Siemens Velaro E AVS 103 spain

    Velaro E, designated as AVE S 103 in Spain, is the fastest series production high speed train in the world. It achieved a whopping speed of about 400kmph during its test trips in Spain.The train possesses an operational speed of 350kmph.The train was ordered by Spanish National Railways Renfe, and operates on the Barcelona Madrid line. It was delivered in July 2005 and began operations in June 2007.The design of the multiple unit train was founded on the latest developments of the successful ICE 3 trainset designed for Deutsche Bahn.The design of Velaro includes a flexible platform which was developed based on the ICE high speed trains platform made by German national railway company Deutsche Bahn. Velaro includes multiple units with two bogies per car. It features advanced technology in aerodynamic profiling, energy management and noise reduction.The trains are available in 200m and 400m lengths, and in eight and 16 car carriage models.The weight of the train ranges between 425t and 667t.The speed is between 250km/h and 403km/h. The trains are equipped with 8,000kW to 16,000kW traction power output.
    Velaro Es Spanish version, designated as the AVS103, runs at a speed of 300km/h on the Barcelona Madrid line. The first unit of the variation was delivered in July 2005 and completed its first test run in 2006. It runs at a maximum speed of 403km/h.Velaro RUS is a variant built for Russia. It has a 33cm broadened body and runs at an average speed of 250km/h and a top speed of 290km/h. It can carry up to 600 passengers in a ten car configuration. It underwent certification tests in 2009.Velaro D, designated as DB Class 407 in Germany, was designed for Deutsche Bahn services. It runs at a top speed of 320km/h. It is equipped with fire proof equipment rooms and doors between cars. It uses 20% less energy compared to ICE versions. It has a total of 460 seats in eight coaches. It entered into service in December 2011.CRH3C is a variant of Velaro manufactured for China. The variant is being jointly manufactured by Siemens, CNR Tangshan and CNR Changchun. It is designated as CRH380B (eight car set) or CRH380BL (16 car set) based on the number of cars. It can accommodate up to 600 passengers. The first train was built in April 2008. The train reached a top speed of 457km/h on the Beijing to Tianjin line.Velaro e320 has been developed for Eurostar service connecting London with Paris and Brussels on a high speed line. It is a 400m long, 16 car train. It can achieve a top speed of 320km/h. It will have 894 to 950 seats.
    Another Spanish beauty in the countdown, AVS 103, making its Spanish sister seems running slower. It is said that Velaro touched the frightening speed of 400kmph in its test run. The train possesses an operational speed of 350kmph.The train was ordered by Spanish National Railways Renfe, and operates on the Barcelona Madrid line. It was delivered in July 2005 and began operations in June 2007.

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