General Knowledge 2015 - 04

General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2015

1. Which of the following countries allowed India to construct its Naval Base in Assumption Island?

2. Which state has attracted highest investment proposal from micro, small and medium enterprises ( MSME ) in 2013-14?

3. Who among the following Indian scientists won the Society's 2015 Silver Medal?

4. Which of the following companies is the title-sponsor for 2016 Hockey India League?

5. Which one of the following sectors is not to be covered under the proposed national offset policy (NoP)?

6. Which country has been named happiest country in the world as per latest World Happiness Report?

7. The brand ambassador of the Northeast region is ________?

8. INS Kalvari, which has been commissioned by Indian Navy in 2015, is a ________?

9. The Madhesi people, who are in news now a days, are related to which country?

10. Who among the following has been Choosen for the prestigious Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Award-2015?

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Make sure everyone knows the location of the dead zone (or staging area) and knows to not shoot in or near it. The dead zone is an area that is off of the field where people go after they are eliminated. Typically its also where extra paintball gear and paint is left between games. The dead zone should ideally be far enough off the field that eliminated players can remove their masks to clean them without risk of being hit by players still on the field.

English Phrases
By can mean 'not later than'.

    I'll be home by five o'clock. ( = at or before five)

    'Can I borrow your car?'
    'Yes, but I must have it back by tonight.'
    ( = tonight or before)

    I 'II send you the price list by Thursday.
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