General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. In 2014, SBI has launched the SBI Composite Index to track activities related to ________?

2. Jaduguda mine in Jharkhand is famous for ________?

3. The Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy is associated with ________?

4. In recent times, which among the following blocks of countries is pushing for implementing the UN Security Council (UNSC) reforms?

5. The winner of 2013-14 European Golden Boot award is ________?

6. The 'Bogor declaration' is related to which of the following International organisations?

7. Currently, which among the following states are the top three largest cotton producers?

8. A Nobel Prize in each category can be shared among maximum?

9. Which among the following is world's largest Mangrove forest?

10. What is the name of Google's new project which intends to provide high speed broadband internet connection in selected cities?

General Knowledge

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