General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2014

1. The Houthis are the insurgent group operating in which one of the following countries?

2. Which among the following is world's largest Coconut producing country?

3. Who among the following has become the first Indian woman gymnast to win a medal at Commonwealth Games-2014?

4. What is favipiravir?

5. India is building the world's highest railway bridge which is expected to be 35 metres taller than the Eiffel Tower. The bridge is being constructed over which river?

6. Union Health Minister has launched a new mission in line with government's vision to eliminate Tuberculosis from India. What is the name of mission?

7. Which among the following states has declared Camel as state animal, in 2014?

8. In an ambitious initiative, the union government has mooted a proposal to merge two financial institutions 'Bharatiya Mahila Bank' and the 'Rashtriya Mahila Kosh' aimed at women's empowerment. In which year 'Rashtriya Mahila Kosh' was launched?

9. 'Prokash Karmakar' who passed away in 2014 was a famous________?

10. Drupka Buddhism relies heavily on the 'Thangka' tradition which is popular in Tibet, Himachal, Northeast and Nepal. What is 'Thangka'?

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