General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. Which of the following Indian Scientists have been conferred with China's top science award for his important contributions in boosting China-India scientific cooperation?

2. Apart from the five permanent members of the United Nations viz. United States, Russia, China, France and Britain, the Five Plus One (P5+1) group comprises________?

3. Which one of the following was the purpose of appointment of Rangachary committee?

4. In 2013, which among the following western countries military has intervened in the ongoing Mali conflict by sending it's troops to Mali?

5. In 2013, which among the following countries has unveiled the a futuristic-looking fighter jet code-named the Qaher (Conqueror) F-313?

6. According to Prime Office Occupancy Costs survey, which of the following marketplaces is the world's most expensive office market?

7. In which of the following countries, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has officially launched his Wikileaks political party?

8. Which of the following dances is from Braj region of Uttar Pradesh?

9. The Kaziranga National Park, which is known for its one-horned rhinos is located in ___________?

10. Which one of the following book has won the 2013 US National Book Award in fiction?

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