General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. Under the 'Open Budget Survey 2012' report, which among the following countries is ranked first for provided the most information on budget?

2. With which of the following sports the 'Sultan Johor Cup' is related?

3. The Ravva oil and gas fields are located in ________?

4. Who won the Women's and Men's Madrid open title 2013?

5. Who among the followings is/are members of National Integration Council (NIC) of India?
1.Union Ministers
2. Governors of all States
3.Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha
4. Chief Minister of all States & UT's with Legislature
choose the correct answer from the codes given below:

6. In 2013, who among the following has won the Rs. 1 million Skoda Prize 2012 for his contributions to the contemporary art?

7. In 2013, the commercial production of oil and gas has started in the Aishwarya Oil Field. These fields are located in __:

8. In which of the following year 'National Youth Awards' were instituted?

9. Which among the following States has been ranked top in the Planning Commission's Environmental Performance Index (EPI)?

10. In which of the following states 'Sipat Thermal Power Plant' has been inaugurated in 2013?

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    Synchronised swimmers will often have elaborate costumes. These costumes are used to highlight or emphasise the theme of the music. Costumes are not judged and so should not affect the scores. If a head dress falls off one of the athletes in the British team, they get a fine because experienced athletes should ensure everything is securely fastened. Synchronised swimmers also wear make up. The make up will be used to highlight the swimmers features so it is easier for the judges to interpret their facial expressions. It should not be so theatrical that it is distracting.

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