General Knowledge 2013 - 22

General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. Which among the following sports car has smashed the world record for acceleration after hitting nearly 300 kmph in just over 13 seconds?

2. In 2013, Pakistan Cricket Board imposed a life ban on which one of the following Pakistan Cricket Player?

3. A Miniratna–Category–1 Status holding public sector company in India can incur expenditure on modernization, new projects as well as equipment purchase without the approval of the Government, up to:

4. Which among the following panels have in 2013 recommended the pricing of natural gas by a complex methodology of arriving at an average of international gas hub prices?

5. 'Tikka' is a most destructive fungal disease affects which of the following Crops ?

6. The Dighi National Manufacturing Investment Zone (NMIZ) is in which among the following states?

7. According to International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) figures how many commercial bank branches are there in India per 100,000 adults?

8. The Sultan Azlan Shah Cup is related with which among the following sports?

9. The 'Tummalapalli' in the state of Andhra Pradesh is famous for which ore reserve?

10. The 'Dodecanese' are a group of twelve large islands of which country?

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The subject misplaced in indirect questions

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The teacher asked me what games did I play?

The teacher asked me what games I played.

In indirect questions follow the usual order of word?: subject first and then verb.
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