General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. India is all set for the maiden test firing of its submarine launch of longest range and nuclear capable ballistic missile. The missile is code-named as__?

2. According to the recent global survey of leading consultancy firm Ernst and Young (EY), which among the following countries has emerged as the most attractive investment destination of the world in 2013?

3. Daocheng Yading airport, which is slated to become world's highest airport is located in which among the following countries?

4. Which among the following month is observed as cervical cancer awareness month?

5. The 'Alamatti dam' has been constructed across which of the following river?

6. With reference to Rashtriya Swasthya Bhima Yojana (RSBY), which of the following statement is not correct?

7. Name the Canadian author who won 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature?

8. While promoting India as an investment destination, in 2013 India's Finance Minister said that the 'financial protectionism' by the industrial countries is an issue of concerns. Which among the following best defines the Financial Protectionism?

9. 'Devagi Prafulla Chandra', who passed away in 2013, was a famous__?

10. Niyamgiri Hills in Odisha is most famous for which of the following ore?

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