General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. What is the name of Australia's most powerful super computer which is unveiled in 2013?

2. Which of the following super computers has in 2013 retained its place at the top of a list of the world's most powerful systems?

3. 'Tatapani' power project which is said to be nation's first geo-thermal power project is coming up in which state?

4. Interest Subsidy Scheme for Housing the Urban Poor (ISHUP) scheme which was under pilot phase during Eleventh Five Year Plan period is being revised for launch with enhanced credit limits and targets as:

5. Which of the following became the first US State that allowed its residents to play online poker for money, legally?

6. The nodal agency for estimating the number of percentage of people living below poverty line is__:

7. In 2013, who among the following has been selected for the prestigious Dr. Y. Nayudamma Memorial Award for 2012 for his outstanding contribution to life sciences?

8. In 2013 (August, 2013), which one of the following states has decided to set up 'Lok Seva Guarantee Commission' to provide time-bound public services?

9. In 2013, India has withdrawn all subsidies on cooking gas and kerosene being provided to which one of the following country?

10. Which among the following commodities has been decontrolled in 2013 ?

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