General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK 2013

1. Malanjkhand in Madhya Pradesh, Khetri in Rajasthan and Ghatsila in Jharkhand; these are the famous deposits of which among the following ores?

2. Sendero Luminoso is a guerrilla group operating in which country?

3. The Union Government has given nod to set up country's first Woman University at which of the following place?

4. World's largest steel maker ArcelorMittal has scrapped its 12 billion dollar steel plant project in __?

5. Who among the following is the current Secretary General of 'South Asian Association for Regional Countries (SAARC)'?

6. Which among the following is the currency of Bhutan?

7. An extremely river-like structure, Reull Vallis, has been in 2013 discovered on _________?

8. In 2013, the power ministry has set up a mega advisory panel to thrash out issues hurting reforms in the power sector. The panel is headed by ________?

9. The central banks of India and Bhutan in 2013 signed a Currency Swap Agreement worth 100 million Dollars. While the central bank in India is called 'Reserve Bank of India', what is the central bank of Bhutan called?

10. Which among the following country has busted a global cyber-crime operation that infected millions of computers with a 'ransomeware' virus?

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