General Knowledge - Current Affairs, General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. Which among the following is the oldest custom union of the World?

2. Consider the following:
1.Repo Rate (RR)
2.Reverse Repo Rate (RRR)
3.Marginal Standing Facility (MSF)
Arrange the above in a decreasing order of their value?

3. Consider the following:
1.Constitution of India
2.An act by the parliament
The problem of "Bonded Labour" has been addressed by which among the above?

4. India will host Yingluck Shinawatra as the guest of honour at the Republic Day parade Jan 26, 2012.She is the first woman and youngest Prime Minister of which among the following countries?

5. Which among the following two countries are separated by the Straits of Johor?

6. In which state of India, the Chinar-2011, a Philatelic exhibition and Postal Festival was organized recently in 3 decades?

7. The strong earthquake-cum-tsunami which has moved Japan's main island by a few feet and has caused the earth's axis to wobble is expected to lead to the shortening of the day by ?

8. What is the upper limit of RTGS transaction in India?

9. Christine Lagarde, the new MD of IMF belongs to which among the following countries?

10. Each Year Ramzan occurs about ______from the Previous year?

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    Turn the cell phone off when not in use

    A cell phone that is instandby modeis still emitting radiation. When it is off, this ceases. Do not carry the cell phone next to your body; instead, keep it in a bag. This is especially important if you have become used to wearing it in a pocket next to your groin; research has shown that men wearing cell phones next to their groin have up to a 30 percent reduction in sperm count.[12]Keep it away from all vital organs (heart, liver, etc.).

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