General Knowledge 2011 - 05

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1. Microbial fuel cells are considered a source of sustainable energy. Why ?
1. They use living organisms as catalysts to generate electricity from certain substrates.
2. They use a variety of inorganic materials as substrates.
3. They can be installed in waste water treatment plants to cleanse water and produce electricity.
Which of the following statements given above is/ are correct ?

2. Which among the following Governments confers National Kishore Kumar award?

3. An ordinary bill is generally circulated / put on website for purpose of eliciting the public opinion on it during which of the following stages?

4. Kuno Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary, which is being proposed as a new home for some relocated Gir lions from Gujarat, is located in which among the following states?

5. "The British Empire is rotten to the core, corrupt in every direction, and tyrannical and mean"
Which among the following Europeans is known to have made this statement?

6. “Glaciers in the Himalayas are receding faster than in any other part of the world… If the present rate continues, the likelihood of them disappearing by the year 2035 and perhaps sooner is very high if the earth keeps warming at the current rate.”
The above flawed warning was given by which among the following organizations?

7. To enable the mobile trading, which among the following stock exchanges has developed its own computer application called "NOW"?

8. Which among the following observance was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 at the Stockholm Conference?

9. There is only one Rock Edict in which Asoka talks about taxation. Which among the following is that edict?

10. Consider the following facts about a pioneer social reformer of Maharastra:
1. He is widely considered to be the first journalist and editor in Marathi Language.
2. He started a weekly Bombay Darpan in 1832 and Digdarshan in 1840
3. His many works include the books in history & math for children
Identify this personality from the given names:

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Balls are spotted by placing them on the long string as close as possible to the foot spot and between the foot spot and the foot rail, without moving any interfering ball. If the spotted ball cannot be placed on the foot spot, it should be placed in contact (if possible) with the corresponding interfering ball. However, when the cue ball is next to the spotted ball, the spotted ball should not be placed in contact with the cue ball; a small separation must be maintained. If all of the long string below the foot spot is blocked by other balls, the ball is spotted above the foot spot, and as close as possible to the foot spot.

The word soon means a short time after now, a short time in the future.
  • If right now it is April, and Harry will graduate from college in May, then he'll be graduating from college soon.
  • If it's 5:30 and I will be home at 6:00, then I will get home from work soon.

    The word early has two meanings:

    1) Near the beginning of a particular period of time
  • I'll be traveling early next month. or ( between the 1st and the 10th of the month)
  • She gets up very early in the morning. or ( probably around 5 AM)
  • Early in his career, he worked at Microsoft. or ( in the beginning of his career)

    2) Before the expected time
  • If most people graduate after 4 years, but Harry did intensive study and will graduate after 3 years, then he will graduate early.
  • If I normally get home from work at 6:00 PM but today I'm coming home at 3:00 PM, then I'm coming home early.
  • If a project must be completed by December 31 but I complete it by December 15, then I have finished it early.

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