General Awareness - September 2002 - Test -07

1. 'Cabinet system' and 'Collective responsibility' are the contributions of

2. Among the following, which is always found in free-state in nature ?

3. In vulcanisation process, rubber can be hardened by adding

4. The longest river of the world is

5. 'Ankleshwar' is known for

6. Who was the first woman Chief Minister of a,State ?

7. Gross Profit means,

8. The reagent used to i test the presence of starch in leaves is

9. The Chinese river known as yellow river is

10. In onion food is stored in

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    Marve Beach

    Marve Beach is located in the Western Suburb of Malad in the city of Mumbai, India.Ferry Services to the Essel World and Water kingdom Amusement Parks and Manori are available at its north end.Ferry service to Manori is provided by BEST.You can also carry your two wheelers onto the Ferry to Manori Island.Marve beach may be reached from Malad Railway Station (West side) by BEST bus no 272.Autorickshaws and taxis are available round the clock.Movement on Marve beach is restricted due to its narrow width as well as presence of Indian Naval base, INS Hamla.The beach is not safe for swimming due to presence of very swift currents and sinking sand.

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