General Awareness - September 2002 - Test -05

1. Which of the following states has international borders with three countries?

2. Ad Valorem tax is levied

3. The greatest Kushan leader who got converted to Buddhism was

4. Who received Booker prize for the Book "Half a Life" ?

5. Money Bills can be introduced in the Lok Sabha with the prior permission of the

6. Who is the security person who shot dead the highest number of the members of the suicide squad of terrorists who attacked the Parliament on the 13th December 2001 ?

7. Which ofthe following is the hardest substance in the human body ?

8. Which of the following is optical illusion ?

9. What is the epicentre of an Earth quake ?

10. Which is the country that was admitted to the WTO in November 2001 at Doha ?

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  • River Rafting
  • Benefits of Mint Leaf
  • Parachute Activity
  • Rare Cat Breeds From Around The World
  • Class 9 - Triangle and Its Angles
  • What to Eat in Assam

  • Dussehra Celebration

    Dussehra Poems

    Dussehra epitomizes the victory of good over evil. It is a very auspicious day and thus celebrated as a festive occasion throughout the country. It was the day when Ram killed the ten headed demon Ravana and saved the man kind from his brutal torture and established the faith of people into the power of truth and religion once again.

    Aa Gya Pawan Dusshera
    Phir Hume Sandesh Dene,Aa Gya Pawan Dusshera

    Tum Sankaton ka ho ghanera Ho na aakul man ye mera Sankato me tam chatenge Hoga phir sundar savera Dharya ka tu le sahara!
    Dwesh kitna bhi ho gehra Ho na kalushit man ye tera Phir ye tute dil milenge hoga jab premi chitera Ban shami ka pat pyara!
    Satya ho jitna pratarit Par na ho sakta parajit Roop uska aur nikhra Janta hai vishwa sara Ban vijaya swarnim sitara!

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