General Awareness - Questions-15

General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers

1. Which was the first among the following?

2. Babur entered India for the first time from the west through

3. The relics of Indus Valley Civilisation indicates that the main occupation of the people was

4. The Political and cultural centre of the Pandyas was

5. "The Vedas contain all the truth" was interpreted by

6. Who were the immediate successors of the Imperial Mauryas in Magadha?

7. The main external threat to the Sultanate of Delhi was posed by the

8. Who founded the philosophy of Pustimarga?

9. The magnetic effect of electric current was first observed by

10. The percentage of glucose present in the normal urine is

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The Rules of Stretching

Stretch your calves

Put your arms up against the wall.
Bring one leg in towards it while keeping your other leg straight.
Repeat with other leg.

In for Within

Don't Say:
I'll come back in an hour - if you mean before the end of an hour.

I'll come back within an hour.

in means after the end of, within means before the end of.
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