General Awareness - Questions-14

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1. Acupuncture is widely practised in

2. The oceans cover -------- of the surface of the earth

3. How may squares are there in a Chess Board?

4. Which supercomputer is developed by the Indian Scientists?

5. Mahatma Gandhi started his struggle against apartheid in

6. Non-conventional source of energy best suited for India is

7. Which is the capital of Manipur?

8. The first Europeans to start trade relations with India were the

9. Who is the first Indian Field Marshal?

10. Lines on a map, where pressures are equal, are called

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Precautions while using Microwaves

Microwavable plastic containers

Plastics melt, and most containVERY TOXICchemicals. These toxins are sealed into the plastic, but microwaving may release them. Guess where they go? Into your food! Never let plastic wrap touch your food. Use only microwave plastic wrap to cover dishes, or use a microwave plate cover or another inverted dish. Never reheat in Styrofoam, margarine tubs, whipped topping bowls or other plastic containers. If you use reheatable disposable microwave containers, discard them afterwards; dont reuse. When using microwavable plastic containers,NEVERuse with fatty, greasy or very sugary foods. Reheat briefly only, and dont overheat.

Some for Any - Any

Don't Say:
There aren't some books on the shelf.

There aren't any books on the shelf.

We usually use some for affirmative phrases: She's got some chicken, arid any in negative and interrogative phrases' ten hasn't bought any food today Have you bought any food' We sometimes use some in questions: Would you like some soup?
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