General Awareness - July 2002 - Test -01

General Awareness - July 2002 - Test -01

1. 'East Timor' which became a new independent nation was earlier a part of

2. The 2nd SAARC Gold Cup Championship was won by which of the following teams ?

3. Who amongst the following was the chairperson of the National Commission to Review the working of the Constitution (NCRWC) ?

4. The XVII Commonwealth Games will be organised in July-August 2002 in .......

5. Which of the following is NOT a part of the Exim Policy 2002-07 ?
(A) It aims to achieve a 10% share in global exports by 2007.
(B) All items in which India is self sufficient are not allowed to import.
(C) Permission is given to sell goods freely in domestic market in electronic hardware technology parks.

6. In a bid to fight terrorism, which of the following two countries signed a historic disarmament pact recently 7

7. As per the estimates of the Reserve Bank of India the growth rate during 200203 would be in the range of

8. Who amongst the following is the recipient of the 2001 Saraswati Award?

9. Mr. Jacques Chirac, who was recently in news, is the new

10. Mr. Yasser Arafat, who was in news recently, was held captive by which of the following ?

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English Grammar
By can mean 'not later than'.

    I'll be home by five o'clock. ( = at or before five)

    'Can I borrow your car?'
    'Yes, but I must have it back by tonight.'
    ( = tonight or before)

    I 'II send you the price list by Thursday.
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